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Coalition Management

Effective coalition management is critical to ensuring success and lasting engagement. Understanding your coalition members and their unique missions, functions, personalities, and value propositions is imperative. Whether it's a long- or short-term coalition effort, effective and efficient management will not only help with success, but also keep the members committed to and engaged on the issue. Advanced Advocacy has managed a variety of coalition partners, from Fortune 500 companies to Main Street businesses.

Third Party Engagement

Advanced Advocacy works to identify, educate and activate like-minded groups to provide organic support and backing for your efforts. Third parties can represent demographics, constituencies, causes, topics, movements or be based on issue areas. Engaging third party validators is imperative whether you're building a groundswell or microtargeting. Whether operating as independent voices or united together as a coalition, third parties and alliances are a core component of a winning campaign.

Grassroots Activation

Grassroots campaigns are a foundational component of every movement and a core element of meaningful progress. They are most impactful when they use collective action to effect change. Grassroots campaigns can be generated by education, targeted outreach, and by working with members of like-minded organizations. These campaigns can be very effective at spreading a message.

Issue Campaigns

Much like a political campaign is an organized effort seeking to elect a candidate, an issue campaign is an organized effort seeking to win a legislative or regulatory battle. An issue campaign can include a series of coordinated activities, such as events, briefings, earned and paid media, polling, digital advocacy, and voter mobilization, designed to achieve a singular policy goal. Advanced Advocacy has extensive experience managing complex issue campaigns on the state, federal, and international levels.

Alliance Building

United allies are critical to winning a campaign. Many times, coalitions represent different and sometimes seemingly opposing groups. Alliance building brings together these groups and unites them around a shared objective. When lawmakers and rule makers, are consideration legislation and regulation, they turn to these alliances to inform them and gain an understanding of where their constituencies are on the issues. Successful alliance building is a core component of every winning campaign.


When shoe leather lobbying and a communications strategy alone were sufficient to win issue campaigns. Advocacy today is more sophisticated, competitive, and integrated than ever. Today, there is a need to build coalitions and effectively and efficiently integrate verticals of public affairs that include: government relations, policy, communications, digital advocacy, in-state efforts, grassroots and third parties. This united and integrated approach conditions the legislative and regulatory environment to provide for success.

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